How to travel Europe cheap 2022

The paramount guide to traveling Europe on a budget!

To travel through Europe can be an exciting idea. However, Europe isn’t exactly cheap when it comes to holidays. It may not be the biggest continent around, but traveling through it sure comes pricey regardless! When you plan to travel through Europe and you need to keep the funds in check, it may be smart to research and discover how to travel Europe cheap!

As a true travel-loving European grown person, I hope I will be able to inform you on the best ways to achieve the best and cheapest Euro-traveling for your buck!

Traveling Europe by train

Eurail is a good way to travel cheaply through Europe.

Fast, affordable, and comfortable

It is not the cheapest way, but still, a pretty affordable and also comfortable way to travel through Europe: the train. The train network in Europe is extremely extensive. You can get almost any way this way and pretty fast at that as well

Eurail VS Interrail

Besides Eurail you might see the name Interrail pass. Interrail is basically the same as Eurorail, but meant for European passport holders. The prices listed in Euro’s on the website might be a dead giveaway for this! For everyone from outside of the EU you will find your pass on

Night train

Besides regular trains, it is possible to take the night train. For an extra fee, including a bunk bed. This might sound like an expensive way to travel, but if you calculate in a night’s sleep, and save a whole day’s time it can actually be a pretty decent deal in some cases! Did I mention there is a small breakfast included in the price as well?

Here is a map with all the night trains available:

In addition, you can also book a lot of these trains on

Buying loose tickets

Of course, it is also possible to travel by buying train tickets locally. Be careful to buy the ticket for the class you prefer to be in. In Example, machines at the Airport of Schiphol offer single tickets, especially to Amsterdam. These tickets are however first class. If you’d take the time to click around on the machine a bit longer, you will be able to find much cheaper second-class tickets to Amsterdam. This may also be true on other airfields.

Keep in mind that the price of public transport can differ greatly per country. For international tickets, it may sometimes be worthwhile to book the same ticket at the website of a train operator in another country.



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Traveling Europe by bus

Bus through European Switserland

Budget bus services

As a cheap alternative to the train, certain organizations have set up international bus connections. The biggest organization offering these international connections is FlixBus. There are others like Megabus and BlablaBus, but FilxBus is the most dominant service by a big margin.  

To give an idea of how cheap FlixBus actually is: Traveling between Amsterdam and Brussels would cost you about 10 Euros. Try not to book at the last moment, though, as prices tend to fluctuate depending on how well filled the bus is.

The biggest downside of this way of traveling? It’s less comfortable and in most cases a bit slower than the train, car, or airplane.

Local busses

Besides using the cheap international services, you can also get about everywhere just using the local bus systems. Few towns in Europe do not have a bus stop within 10 minutes of walking from wherever you are. Although this way of traveling can be very cheap, it might be somewhat more challenging. It’s not always easy to find the correct website and bus information as it differs per country in Europe.  Since the bus will stop a lot it’s also the slower option. But if you have time, this method will get you about anywhere!

Night busses

Some bus services offer night routes. Flixbus offers a limited amount of night options, as does BlaBlaBus. Mind well, you will have the same type of seat as when traveling during the day, so do not expect to sleep a lot!

Real sleeper busses are a rarity, and you’d probably have better chances looking at a sleeper train mentioned above.



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Traveling Europe by Blabla car


So you like to travel with people but are not so much up for hitchhiking? Then BlaBlaCar may be the European way to go for you.

What is BlaBlaCar? With BlaBlaCar it’s possible to book a journey from A to B by app with private persons. The idea is that you pay for (a part) of the fuel cost and the other party offers the car and a driver.

The why

The advantages of traveling with BlaBlaCar are:

  • It’s cheap
  • It’s pretty fast
  • You can meet fun people
  • It’s rarely boring

The why not

Of course, to each method of traveling there are besides advantages a view disadvantages as well. In the case of BlablaCar, a downside might be the contact with private persons. In most cases, this will go fluid, but since every person is their own this cannot be guaranteed. It may be fun to have contact with an individual offering a ride or anything but fun.

In addition, there are no quality standards. The person can be a good or a bad driver.  Fast or slow.  Charge more or less for gasoline. Still, you can place reviews of the driver on the BlaBlaCar site, and reading this may give you a decent impression of what to expect.



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Traveling Europe by Budget Airline

Cheap Flying through Europe

Europes cheap airlines

When it comes to flying cheap, European airlines are hard to beat. The most famous budget airline might well be Ryanair. This airline is usually amongst the cheapest available for traveling within Europe. Do not expect luxury, though, this airline is all about the money regardless.

Most budget Airlines offer a lot of “optional extra’s”after the initial price. Some reasonable, some less reasonable. In the case of Ryanair, for example, it is not strange that you have to pay extra to sit next to your friends or family members.

Here is a shortlist of cheap options:

  • Wizz Air
  • Ryanair
  • Eurowings
  • Norwegian
  • EasyJet

Keep in mind, if you include all the “extras’s” there are definitely occasions where the more expensive airlines end up as the cheaper ones! 

Also, Norwegian Air additionally covers some very cheap intercontinental flights, just an extra tip on the side! 



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Traveling Europe by Hitch Hiking

Hitchhiking in Europe

Traveling Europe cheaper?

How about for free!? Europe is a pretty safe region, and this makes it an option for the more adventurous individuals to travel by hitchhiking. And far as we know, this is free!
It is, of course, also an uncertain way of travel. Opposite to Blablacar, you do not book a car upfront, obviously. But if your sole aim is to travel Europe cheap then there is no cheaper way than free, of course.
Hitchhiking is perfect for people who don’t mind some uncertainty and do like having interesting conversations and maybe even making new friends on the way.
If you feel like traveling like this, you may also be the right person to attempt to sleep for free as well. Have you ever tried “couch-surfing”?



Traveling Europe cheap super tips

Hitchhiking in Europe

How to travel cheap like an European?

Biking/electrik biking

Cycling is king in some countries

You may have heard that cycling is a major way of transport in many European area’s. Because the distances are generally a lot smaller in Europe there are cities or even whole nations were using a bicycle is debatable to most just method of travel just by the local. 
2 nations excel in this method of traveling:
– Danmark
– The Netherlands

But also in Germany or Belgium cycling is a much practiced activity or travel method. 
Now, renting a bicycle would cost you about 7 – 10 euro’s a day. but if you are staying for a few weeks and are open to using more creative bicycle rental methods than in the Netherlands there is a company called ” Swap bike”  where you pay about 17 euro’s for a whole month. 

Care rental, shared care abbonements and

Walking instead of a taxi!


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