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Black Diamond Storm vs Spot

Black Diamond Storm vs Spot

Black Diamond Storm vs Spot 3 minute Black Diamond Storm comparison with Spot! Let’s compare Black Diamond Storm vs Spot The Black Diamond Spot is a well-made headlamp. It’s a

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10 best headlamps

10 best headlamps of 2021

Reading a book in your tent, going to the toilet on a camping or finding your path on a mountain hike. A headlamp is essential in many outdoor situations and should be on your buy list if you do not already own one. We have made a selection of the best 10 headlamps of 2021, one for every budget and useful for nearly any activity.

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Outdoor gear reviews

Tour des Combins

Every so often, I like getting out and about in the mountains. Preferably a walk with a backpack, a good set of walking boots and the best lightweight food I can find. Walking far into the remote, but beautiful wilderness and setting up a tent gives me a near limitless sense of peace and freedom. I experienced this recently with a couple of friends on an adventurous hike through the Swiss Alps. Our goal? Completing the Tour du Grand Combin!

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Petzl Actik Core review

Petzl Actik Core Review

The Petzl Actik Core headlamp, not to be confused with the Petz Actik 350 headlamp, is a multi-beam headlamp developed for various outdoor activities. The headlight will serve any regular camper well. This particularly stands out as an option for use by seasoned hikers. As the Actik Core has been around for a while now, it has shown to be a solid model. In line with its good standing, we’ve had good experiences while testing it.

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